A: Cubase LE 9.5 HERE , Cubase LE 10 HERE

A: HERE you will find info on how to activate and re-active your licenses.

A: Fluid Audio Monitors with Standby circuit need >3 mV for signal detection. To solve this, lower the volume on your monitors and increase the output volume of the connected source.

A: Motherboards/Laptops/docking stations and PCIe to USB 3 adapter cards that use USB 3 controller chips from the following manufacturers are are not recommended for use with Fluid Audio SRI-2:
Texas Instruments
Fresco Logic
Issues you can experiance is no sound and static noise

A: The Strum Buddy comes with several small, rubber USB plugs. Those are for sealing the USB connector hole, and should fix this annoying sound. (Only applies to Strum Buddy, not Strum Buddy Metal Edition